Falak to undergo another surgery

Falak to undergo another surgery

Falak, the two-year-old child who is battling for life in the Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center (JPNATC), AIIMS will undergo long awaited brain surgery.

This surgery could not be conducted so far due to sepsis infection in her brain.

“Falak’s brain infection has subsided. We will perform the shunt surgery either today or tomorrow,” said Dr Deepak Aggarwal, neurosurgeon, JPNATC.

The procedure involves the insertion of a shunt to divert fluid from the brain into the abdominal cavity, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

The white blood cell (WBC) count in the culture of her brain fluid has come down to nearly nil. It was 2000 per cubic millimeter initially which stands at 0-1 per cubic millimeter now. “Her condition is only marginally better and remains critical. She continues to be on ventilator,” said Dr Aggarwal.

The doctors maintained that even if Falak comes out of danger, she will not be able to lead a normal life. Her brain infection and injuries will keep her in a vegetative state.

Meanwhile, Munni, a 22-year-old woman who claims to be Falak's mother, visited her for the first time at the AIIMS Trauma Centre."Munni was here for 15 minutes. She was left alone in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She was emotional and there were tears in her eyes," Aggarwal added.

Falak was admitted to the Trauma Centre on January 18 by a teenaged girl who had claimed to be her mother.