In competitive yet friendly spirit

In competitive yet friendly spirit

Popular fest

There was palpable energy in the air. With the young boys and girls plunging completely into the competitive mode, it could not be otherwise.

Loads of fresh talent came alive at the annual Mount Carmel College (MCC) fest, ‘Cul-Ah’ this year.

‘Cul-Ah’ had ‘Zeitgeist’, an English word with a German origin, meaning the trend or spirit of a time period as its theme and over 60 colleges participated in full strength. The events began after the display of a time capsule put together by the student union.

There were an array of themes such as Indian acoustics, western acoustics, battle of the bands, fashion shows, quizzes, math-a-thon, beat boxing and street dance battles. Day one kickstarted with western music and dance, setting the tone for a lively and entertaining three action-packed days.

Most of the events saw packed audiences, especially for the free-style, street and western dances and the fashion show. However, the biggest attraction was the ‘Garage-bands’. “It was interesting and the themes were designed in such a way that it tested the intelligence of the participants,” said Joseph Munnar from Christ College.

Day two began with Indian acoustics and B-boying, solo and crew battles. “I didn’t participate in any event but what we witnessed here was some amazing stunts and it was a tough competition,” said Sudha Ramanathan, a student of Jain College.   

Day two also had the ‘Battle of Bands’ competition which is one among the most popular events that had more than ten colleges participate. This is the only event that gives college bands a platform to showcase their talents. “We look forward to this event because we get to perform pieces that we otherwise don’t really get to showcase anywhere else,” said Sumeet Jain, a participant. 

The last day had the western acoustics and mad ads as highlights. The day concluded with a fashion show designed around the theme ‘futuristic designs’. The fest concluded with the ‘Galeej Gurus’, a popular rock band belting out some original hits. Getting the crowd to first cheer and scream, Nathan Lee Harris, the lead vocalist of  Galeej Gurus said, “The crowd at MCC is always something to look foward to. There’s so much energy in the air.”

St Joseph’s College of Commerce bagged the overall trophy.