Will the world come to an end?

Will the world come to an end?

Catastrophic Results

So the countdown has begun to see what exactly will happen on December 21, 2012.

As per many predictions of the Mayans, Aztecs and Nostradamus, the world will end on this very day.

The movie ‘2012’, with all its over-the-top graphics, ended up rubbing this fear in to people all the more. Since we all are well into the year now, is the clock really ticking? Are there just a few days left before the elements of nature will devour us all? 

Metrolife speaks to a few Bangaloreans to find out if they believe that December 21, 2012 is the doomsday?

Radhika, a second year student of Jyoti Nivas College, feels everything depends on one’s fate. “Human psychology is difficult to understand. When a movie like ‘2012’ comes, half the people’s minds are swayed. I guess the film created an awareness and curiosity but no one can tell what will happen till the day actually comes,” she says. “Whether you believe in it or not, why live in fear of it? Just live your life till your day ends,” she quips.

Nirmala Gowda, a sports teacher in Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, believes a lot in astrology. “I follow all the television programmes on astrology,” she informs. “I feel there may be a tsunami due to global warming at the end of the year as we are also troubling nature in many ways. After all, who expected Japan to be struck with a tsunami? But I don’t believe that a disaster of that magnitude will occur,” she asks.
Some feel the change may be something positive.

“Some technological revolution may happen, something the world hasn’t seen before,” says Deepak, a second year BBM student of St Joseph’s College of Commerce. “But the world being destroyed is surely a hoax. It’s not something that will materialise. Especially the way it’s shown in ‘2012’ with India being washed away and a couple of Americans surviving.”

A new age interpretation of this transition states that the inhabitants of Earth may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation. While some say the earth may collide with a black hole or an asteroid. Naveen Nanjudappa, the vice president of Bangalore Astronomical Society, assures that nothing of such sort will happen.

“When we have our programmes, a lot of people ask us about 2012. But we always say that it’s highly unlikely that a disaster of that impact may happen unless the human race does something really drastic,” he says.

“The events that occur in the movie ‘2012’ can happen only once a meteor hits the earth or a massive volcano erupts. But panicking without knowing what’s going to happen is like saying ‘I am not going out on the road as I may meet with an accident’,” he notes.

Justifying his views further, he says, “With bigger telescopes being invented, even the smallest of asteroids, meteors and comets can be detected. If something of that sort was going to take place, the scientists would have spotted it by now. There are even ways to stop it or deviate its path,” he adds. Speaking of black holes, he informs, “A black hole is nothing but a dead star and at present, there is no black around the earth. So on the whole, the people don’t have to worry about it.”

Despite all the theories, many are still anxiously waiting for the D-day to see what happens. But on a lighter note, the world may just not perish! After all, as a joke doing the rounds states — Rajnikanth just bought a laptop with three years warranty!