Just a touch away

Just a touch away


Smartphones are fast becoming a trend among the youth today. Gone are the days when these gadgets were associated with only business executives and corporate professionals.

With today’s youth becoming more ‘mobile’ in their lives, smartphones are surely of great use to them.

These compact handheld devices have everything that one needs to stay updated — mobile internet, messenger, social networks, chat, e-mail, applications, camera, music and the list is endless.

They have become an indispensable tool among the present generation and the need to use internet on the move has led to an increase in the sale of smartphones.

Since most of the youth these days are in love with the internet, smartphones are handy for entertainment and communication on the move.  With the prices of these devices getting slashed by the day, more and more youngsters prefer them over the conventional mobile phones. Priced in the range of Rs 6,000 to Rs 40,000, smartphones are being sought after not only by business executives but also the youth for an enhanced mobile experience.

Also with the increasing use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the younger generation wants to be connected to the internet so that they can stay online 24/7.

So what makes the youth upgrade to these high-end smart mobility devices? Metrolife spoke to some smartphone users in the City.

Shahid Mushtaq, an IT professional and a smartphone freak, believes that it’s the features and latest applications that make the smartphones a hot pick among the youth.

“More and more youngsters are switching to smartphones running on Android, Apple or Windows. For the youth, the phone is not merely just a calling or texting device. Social networking is an integrated part of smartphones now and each brand tries to create its unique social networking experience in a phone which also includes syncing contacts across various social networks,” he says.

“Another reason to go for a smartphone is the kind of applications it supports. You just have to think of an application and it’s available for download. Applications vary from business tools to the funny ones like Talking Tom,” he adds.

Shahid further says that he has used different smartphones and keeps on changing phones for sophisticated features and seamless internet connectivity.  He says with 3G mobile connectivity becoming affordable, the connections will become faster and more people will be addicted to smartphones.

Smartphones are also a powerful platform for gaming as 3D and motion games can be played on them easily. Earlier, using applications such as Skype internet calling was limited only to computers. But now with an internet connection on the smartphone, you can call computer users also thanks to many applications.

Ruchika Khanna, who uses an Android phone, says smartphones also provide email-client configuration, which means that you can set up an Outlook account on the phone, which makes work easier.

“Well, the whole criteria of using a smartphone is that it’s easy to access with loads of features like email on the go, which makes my work more convenient.”

Ramya Varun, a Blackberry user, seconds her. “Smartphones are a boon. They have redefined the concept of communication all over the world. They are more like personal computers, making life easier and better than we had imagined”.

A content writer, Ramya also considers these phones to be a style statement and sometimes a status symbol as well. So in this age of mobile connectivity, it’s needless to say that buying a smartphone is indeed a smart move.