A diverse state of affairs

A diverse state of affairs


An array of colours decorated the campus of Surana College on its annual cultural day, Varnotsava.

Creative : Students making a flower carpet.

The students of the college decided to bring to light the various cultures of India.

Making it a gala cultural extravaganza, the festival was organised by the Samukruti Forum of Surana College.

Held every year, the festival had elements of retro and folk styles, as well as an ethnic touch.

Students of various streams dressed in their ethnic best and anyone on the campus got to see a variety of costumes depicting each state in the country.

There were no guesses as to the theme of the fest, which was ‘States of India’.

Apart from coming in their traditional attire, students also took the fest to a whole new level by decorating their classrooms according to the theme they had been given.

They even brought in types of food that are specially prepared during the festivals which are celebrated in each of the States.

The high point of the occasion was the collection of folk dances performed by the students themselves.

What made it even more lively was the fact that a group of them actually sang most of the folk numbers live on stage, while their classmates performed.

The students also got a taste of old Hindi film songs and dances during the ‘Retro’ event.

Some even walked the ramp during a fashion show. Alongside there was a T- shirt painting event, where student artists painted various emotions on their tees.

At the end of the day the winners of the day were announced. The first prize was won by BA and BSc students, who got together to showcase the state of Kerala.

The second prize went to the students of BCA final year, whose theme was Tamil Nadu and the third prize went to students of BCA second year, whose theme was Maharashtra.