Vibrant hues of Rajasthan

Vibrant hues of Rajasthan

Exquisite Products

The colourful world of Rajasthan has come to Bangalore and is attracting many visitors.

Wide array : A visitor at the fair.

The ‘Rajasthani Arts and Crafts Fair’, that is being held at Safina Plaza, has an array of items including exquisite handcrafted shoes, apparel, accessories and home decor. The venue is brightly coloured and the stalls, positioned close to each other, spoil you for choice.

Some of the highlights of the festival included crafted Rajasthani mojdis (shoes) brought in from Jodhpur, embroidered bedsheets and kurtas, jewellery made out of sea shells, precious and semi-precious stones.

You could also pick up some home decor items in carved wood, wrought iron and team it up with embroidered linen in bright hues. After 12 days of exhibiting the products, the fair is now geared up for its last weekend sales.  Wooden toys and traditional attire are also available for children.

If decor or apparel isn’t what you are looking for, there is also a range of utility products in wood, brass and stone. Pick from grinders, serving bowls and small cabinets. The items are moderately priced and people of all age groups will find something that interests them.

Vicky, a businessman hailing from Jaipur who deals with Rajasthani mojdis, is rather happy with the response he has received in Bangalore.

He says, “People have liked the mojdis and most people who walk in pick up one.” Gopalkrishnan, who has a stall of gems and jewellery says, “A good 100-150 people walk in everyday and anybody who walks in walks out after purchasing something.

The mojdis, jewellery and bedsheets have been the most popular items so far.”
Head to this fair and bring home a piece of Rajasthan to adorn your lives. The fair is on till February 26, 10.30 am to 8.30 pm.