Just right for the perfect brunch

Just right for the perfect brunch

Simple delights

There’s little that can match up to sipping a hot cup of tea surrounded by lush greenery and amidst the works of some of the greatest names in modern art.

Popular pick : Parathas, sandwiches, pasta, a rice item and juices. dh photo by dinesh s k

The cafe at the National Gallery of Modern Art, tucked away in the Gallery’s calm backyard, is one of Anju’s three cafes in town. What sets this one apart is the ambience it is set in.

A wide L-shaped verandah houses four tables and two cafe counters at the

The menu is scribbled on a whiteboard, typical of a cafe like this. One can easily take a peek into the kitchen behind the cafe where rolling pins are swift at work to prepare lunch, for which there is always a big crowd.

Sitting at one of the tables is a good idea unless you can find yourself a ledge under a shady tree that can serve the purpose.

Carrying a book along may also complete the picture of a perfect Sunday brunch.
The whiteboard menu is simple in content, neatly divided into sections and
giving you options for a complete meal, a snack or desi tidbits.

There’s simple tea, coffee, lime juice, milkshakes, buttermilk and a few more items on the list of beverages.

If home-brewed tea is what keeps you addicted, this steaming hot cup can easily take you on a journey to heaven and back.

The sandwich options are quite exhaustive letting you choose from the cheese and jam variants to some stuffed ones and some that come with childhood favourites like peanut butter.

Among the Indian savoury snacks are options like vada pav, aloo tikki, pav bhaji and egg bhurji pav.

The vada pav is the reheated sort but the aloo tikkis are fried crisp and
fresh to a perfect golden brown.

The meal options here include curries, biryanis and some paratha combos.

You can choose from vegetarian or chicken curry with rice or chappati or
opt for vegetarian, chicken or kheema biryani.

One of the paratha meals includes aloo paratha, which is easily the most
popular item here.

The thick stuffed paratha is freshly fried and served with generous amounts of lime pickle and a bowl of spiced raita.

The combo comes priced at a modest Rs 35. The beverages cost Rs 15 on an average.

The meal options are fairly priced and comes below Rs100.

The staff is attentive and hospitable and ready to replenish cups with a smile.

The cafe is open on all days except Monday. For details, call 22201027.