Stop by for a quick bite of Maharashtrian delight

Stop by for a quick bite of Maharashtrian delight

Two shops of Goli - one at the intersection of Narayanashastry Road and M N Jois road and the other at V V Mohalla fifth main near State Bank of Mysore - are becoming a place to guzzle down large variety of Vada Pavs, writes Manish

Vada Pav gets final touches before reaching the hands of customers at Goli in Mysore. DH Photos Prashanth H GA part from numerous eateries, which cater to the cravings for food, on Narayanashasry road, a relatively new shop - Goli Vada Pav No 1 - has become a huge hit among residents in the neighbouring areas. Located on a corner at the intersection of M N Jois road and N S road, ‘Goli’ has become the favourite haunt of many foodies.

A steady stream of customers place their order choosing between a variety of snacks, which originated in Maharastra as the cheapest meal for people from the working class. However, with time the snack has become synonymous with breakfast, brunch and also an even snack in Maharashtra, especially the financial capital Mumbai.

For Naga Thilak, a native of Mysore who later went on to reside in Bangalore, a bite of Vada Pav during his pilgrimage to Shirdi was reason to start a chain of stores in Karnataka’s capital city. Having seen that cleanliness and hygiene was given the utmost importance, he thought of becoming a franchise for Goli Vada Pav, which has more than 100 outlets in the country. The first Goli store was opened inside the Infosys campus and later another was opened at Fifth Main, V V Mohalla, near State Bank of Mysore.

The latest was opened on N S Road by a cousin of Thilak, Srinivas. Speaking to City Herald, Srinivas said Goli offers a large variety among which the most sought after are the Cheese Fingers, Vada Pav and Palak Makai Vada Pav. A majority of customers are the youth crowd, people who wanted 100 per cent vegetarian can grab a quick bite here.

The Palak Makai Vada Pava is a blend of mashed potatoes, sweet corn and spinach, which is served with veg mayonnaise sauce. The Cheese Fingers are a combination of cheese, mashed potato and bread coated flavored with white pepper. The Goli Vada Pav shops are open from 11 am to around 10.30 pm.

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