Goons bash up security officer

Goons bash up security officer

 Twelve days after a chief security officer and his three friends were beaten black and blue by a few men outside the Surya Hotel in south-east Delhi, police is yet to make any arrests despite knowing the identity of the assailants.

The assualt took place in the early hours of February 13 outside the entry gate of Surya Hotel in New Friends Colony. The CCTV installed outside the hotel shows that a police control room van had come to the spot while the ruckus was going on. But the police turned a blind eye and went away without making any arrests.

The injured men were taken to hospital for treatment.Bhupender Nagar, who works as a chief security officer at the Zynxx club in the Hilton Hotel, was on his way back home after duty, with his friends Vinod Kumar, Manu and Sharad.

 Four men in a Swift car were following them and tried to stop him near Kalkaji. When Nagar and his friends reached Surya Hotel and stopped for checking at the entrance gate, the four assailants got out of the car and attacked them with sticks and iron rods.

The assailants were later identified as Vikas Chauhan, Mahender and Bobby and Monty. They had also fired shots in air outside the hotel.

The recorded footage also shows that one of the goons walked towards the van and spoke to the policemen after which they drove away from the spot.

Although a case is registered at the New Friends Colony police station and all the evidence is available, police have taken no action against the culprits.
The youths involved in the attack are residents of south Delhi.