'Wedding market is where the money is'

'Wedding market is where the money is'


From running an international clothing brand to making waves each time her collection hits the runway, Ritu Beri unfailingly remains as a person who can truly claim the title of international designer.

Classy: Ritu Beri dh photo by dinesh s k

And as if this was not enough, she recently even put her thoughts to paper and wrote what is touted to be the most expensive book ever. At a glance, she seems to have done it all.  Ritu Beri tells Metrolife that she has come a full circle and that’s what she has captured in her latest collection as well.

Having been in the industry for long now, the designer says that the industry has definitely undergone a metamorphosis.

“Initially, fashion was more to do with ritual dressing like weddings or festivals. But now it’s more about being well dressed all the time. Also, today Indian fashion is spotted on the fashion ramps of the world and our designs are becoming a huge source of inspiration internationally,” she adds.

Yet, she says that no matter what happens, every designer can always bank on the wedding market. “That’s where the money is,” says Ritu while adding, “No matter how many recessions come and go, people in India are willing to spend good money on their wedding day.”

She refuses to believe that there is a void of creativity in the Indian fashion industry. “History shows us that designers worldwide have been inspired by India.

Designers have done a lot of work inspired by our rich culture and heritage. That’s enough to tell us that there is never any dearth of inspiration or creativity in our country. So there is no question of a void,” she adds.

Today, Ritu has a sense of satisfaction with her work and says that she finds herself in a comfortable position. “For the past 20 years, I have chased my dreams and worked on ambitious projects.

I have been lucky to experience the world of fashion in India and abroad. Today, I continue doing my usual work but I enjoy doing the most challenging projects that are worth my time away from my daughter,” sums up Ritu.