Money goes down the drain here

Money goes down the drain here

A masonry drain has been constructed, spending a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) at Dasenahalli.

The only drain in this nondescript village that comes under Vengasandra panchayat limits, is of substandard quality and is yet to be completed. Fifty odd families live in the hamlet, are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. The drain also has  certain structural flaws due to which the rainwater mixed with sewage would flow onto the road.

Bane for residents
The newly constructed masonry drain from the Vengasandra Cross all the way up to village has become a bane, allege the residents.

The drain has been constructed without outlet. Hence, the polluted water stagnate and the drain is clogged. It has also resulted in emanating of stench and leading to mosquito menace.

Constructed from stones, the drain has been plastered with cement giving it a good look. Such is the quality of the construction materials used in constructing the drain that the structure seems to collapse, if one walks on it, the residents alleged.

“What can one say about the work undertaken by the Panchayat members,” said resdents. Panchayat Development Officer Rajappa said that gram panchayat officers concerned have been asked to maintain the quality of work.

“It is difficult to assess the quality, as it is labour intensive work. However, the officers have been warned to maintain the quality,” said Zilla Panchayat Technical Division officers.


“The drain is clogged and there are no outlets. The panchayat officials have turned a blind eye to the     problem. No action has been taken even after submitting memorandums.”

“The polluted water stagnate in the drain resulting in mosquito menace and unbearable stench. No one cleans the drain.”