US girl, 11, fights classmate, dies hours later

US girl, 11, fights classmate, dies hours later

 An 11-year-old girl died following an after school fight at a Long Beach elementary school, but authorities say they have no immediate plans for arrests.

Police said that the girl died at a hospital hours after the fight with another 11-year-old girl outside the school. Authorities have not released the girl's name but the Long Beach Press Telegram said she has been identified by friends as Joanna Ramos.

Friday's fight at Willard Elementary didn't appear to be especially serious or violent, no weapons were used and neither girl was knocked to the ground, police said. Police could not say what prompted the fight but friends had their suspicions.
"They were fighting over a boy," said Stephanie Guadalupe, a friend of Joanna. "I told the teacher and she said she would talk to all the girls on Monday."

The students involved in the altercation left an after-school programme and went to an alley near the school to fight. Some students said bullying had been a problem at the school but Deputy Chief Robert Luna could not confirm if this was an issue in this incident.

Adults later noticed Joanna wasn't feeling well and drove her to a local emergency room, Luna said.

She was hospitalised and had surgery but died about six hours after the fight at 9 pm on Friday.

"There are times when words do not convey the sense of sadness we feel," Mayor Bob Foster said at a press conference.

"This is one of those times."A coroner has not yet determined a cause of death.
Police are investigating and say no arrests are immediately planned. They have interviewed the girl who fought with Ramos.