Modern relationships

Modern relationships

Madmidaas Productions’ Kuch Spice To Make It Meetha is a short movie that will release online on February 29. Adeeb Rais, the director of the movie, believes that the internet has a huge potential to reach out to a very large audience.

In his own way he says, it’s going to be a movie that you can download from the internet. But he adds that it still is not a pirated version.

The movie is around 25 minutes long and stars Purab Kohli and Nauheed Cyrusi as the lead cast. Sanjeev Kapoor has a special appearance. The movie is all about a divorce lawyer, Akshay Rana (Purab Kohli), whose life goes for a complete toss when his girlfriend of seven years, Tarana (Nauheed Cyrusi), is adamant about finally tying the knot.

While Akshay doesn’t want to let go of his love, he doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage and fears commitment as well.

Set in contemporary Mumbai, Kuch Spice To Make It Meetha is a quirky and fun take on love, relationships, commitment and marriage.