Godhra remembers their riot victims

Godhra remembers their riot victims

United in pain and grief, hundreds of survivors of the Godhra carnage, considered as country’s worst communal riots in Gujarat that killed 1,100 people, mostly Muslims in 2002, came together on Monday to mark the 10th anniversary of the Godhra train attack.

At Gulbarg Housing Society—one of the worst affected post riot areas of Ahmedabad, programmes were held, and memories of their loved ones were shared amidst carnage and riots’ victims waiting for justice.

For those who resided in the area, it was getting back to the traumatic experience.

Meanwhile at Godhra, where it all began a decade ago, Pravin Togadia of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, paid homage to the victims of those who lost their lives in the carnage.

He paid homage at the ill-fated S-6 coach and announced the launch of ‘Hindustan Against Terrorism’.

Togadia also participated in a rally and said that ex-IPS, army men and nationalists would be invited to join the movement against terrorist; they would ensure that a nationwide awareness campaign is launched.

“VHP also demands death penalty for all those responsible for the Godhra carnage and people who sit with jihadis and share the dias with jihadis be kept out of power,’’ said Togadia.

Meanwhile at Gulbarg, photographs of all the 1,100 riot victims were put on display for visitors to pay their homage.

Teesta Setalvad of the Citizens of Justice and Peace said, “A decade has gone by, justice is still eluding the riot victims, those who have lost their loved ones cannot be brought back but such commemorations enables everyone to divide their loss.’’

Amina Bi from central Gujarat, who lost her son in the riot, said: “It is an irrepairable loss but life moves on and such commemorations enable us to realise the loss of many other families as well.’’

Film maker Rahul Dholakia who also visited Gulbarg was with the family of Azhar—the central character of his award winning movie ‘Parzania’.

Dholakia said, “Our only aim is that the Mody family should be able to trace their lost son who has been missing since 2002.’’

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, “It is the anti-social elements who have been trying to defame Gujarat but in the last one decade, the state has stood up and worked towards development despite all the criticisms.’’