For the perfect find...

For the perfect find...


The monthly mandi at Pebbles took place over the weekend. The Kitsch Mandi, almost ritualistically, brings together City-based independent labels to give Bangaloreans a day full of shopping all things quirky and exclusive.

Visitors: at the mandi.

In the perfect setting of a jungle lounge, this day-long flea market was more than buzzing with people in the hot sunny afternoon.

The layout was like always, with a few food and organic counters at the entrance followed by clothing, accessories and art and the food counters at the fag end of the market.

While most of the regulars in the City made an appearance with their colourful stuff, there were a few surprises in this month’s market.

‘Rasta Pasta’, with a stall right at the entrance, offered homemade wheat variations of pasta. The pasta was available in most regular forms and was being sold in half and one kilo boxes. There was also the Pondicherry-based ‘The Tree of Life’ collective that is developing an online portal for all sorts of art forms like painting, photography and more.

A few other products like incense, soaps, fragrance pouches and more were also on display.

Though the regulars like ‘22.2 Accessories’, Kili, Chumbak and more drew many crowds, the newer attractions were what made many curious. ‘Caught My Sight’, ‘Ink Me Silly’ and ‘.psd’ were the other labels that brought something different to the table.

While ‘Caught My Sight’ and ‘Ink Me Silly’ offered hand-painted collectibles, lamps and more, ‘.psd’ was a rage with its Calvin and Hobbes bags, clutches and wallets.

The food counters were larger in number than the usual with organic options, momos and chocolates in many varieties.

The cupcakes though were missing this time around. Shoes, lamps, hats and handmade paper jewellery were some of the other attractions.

The music added to the ambience and many were spotted sipping on their favourite drinks while sifting through knick-knacks for the perfect find.