DU students end strike

DU students end strike

Two undergraduate students of linguistics from Delhi University (DU) on hunger strike since last Thursday, alleging shoddy investigation into the death of their senior, will end it on Wednesday, because of health complications.

The students from Department of Germanic and Romance studies are not satisfied with the way the investigation is being carried out in the death of Sumit Kumar, a research scholar and guest lecturer of German language. 

Kumar's body was found by the police around 12 days back in a rotten state, hanging from a tree. A few days after the protest began, the students were called by the Proctor (DU official) for a meeting with the investigative officer of the case.

“The officer himself was not convinced with the investigation. They had no record of the person who found Kumar's body. They kept on saying that it seems like a suicide case despite themselves accepting that no DNA identification has yet taken place,” said Devesh, student of Department of Germanic and Romance studies.

The students have been protesting at Faculty of Arts , creating awareness among students about Kumar's death and alleging that it is a murder.

“The vice chancellor has not met us till now. It is almost a week that two students are on hunger strike. Whatever their reasons, isn't it the responsibility of the VC to at least try to have a dialogue with the students,” said Utsav Kumar, student of Spanish language, who is on hunger strike. 

He added, “The VC can attend a flower show in the premises, but ignores the protesting students. What kind of message is he sending to the student community?”

These protesting students, want a concrete time frame on for the investigation. “Kumar was missing since the last three months. We had a word with the authorities and the police but why can't they give us a deadline in which their investigation will be finished,” said Devesh. A meeting is planned for Wednesday to decide on the future plan of action.

On October 26, 201, Kumar went missing. On November 2, an FIR, missing report was filed at Maurice Nagar police station. 

The body was recovered from Bonta Park in the ridge area of North campus on December 21. According to a police official, the investigation is going on in the case. “We are doing whatever we can to quicken the investigation,” he said.

A senior official from DU said the case came to light recently and everything is being done to find out the truth about the death. 

“We have been in regular touch with the agitating students and the result of the investigation will come out soon,” he said.