10 years in jail for drug peddler held with 1.5 kg charas 10 years in jail for

10 years in jail for drug peddler held with 1.5 kg charas 10 years in jail for

An Uttar Pradesh native, caught in Delhi with 1.5 kg of 'charas' in 2009 has been sentenced to 10 years in jail with the court dismissing his contention of the police implicating him in the case as a story akin to making ‘bricks with straw.’

Additional Sessions Judge K S Pal also imposed a fine of Rs one lakh by on Shahajanpur resident Idrish, while dismissing his contentions that he was falsely implicated in the case as the police had prior enmity against him.

“His attempt to make bricks with straw fails. Such stories can be created at any time. His story just does not stack up," said the judge, while convicting and sentencing Idrish.” 

“Succinctly stated there is no inkling in the evidence on record which may go to show that police nurtured enmity or hostility with the accused,” the court added. 

The judge  also brushed aside his contention that since no public witness was present when the accused was searched the alleged recovery of charas from the accused is doubtful. The judge said the absence of public witness was not a reason enough to doubt the testimony of police unless a specific motive for framing the accused is proved.

“Non-joining of any public person at the time of taking the search of accused does not render evidence of police officials of raiding party as doubtful in the absence of any specific motive attributed to the members of the raiding party,” the court said. 

Idrish was arrested by a police raiding party on December 22, 2009 from east Delhi on the basis of secret information that he supplies charas in Delhi and would be at a bus station here to supply the contraband to someone, the police had said. 

According to the police they recovered 1.5 kg of charas from a polythene bag in possession of Idrish.