This is a fun double book pack with a cute friendship band. Keep one for yourself and gift the companion book to your friend. Enjoy one book lovely and fun stories and poems on friendship by well known contemporary Indian authors. The accompanying book has loads of fun activities you can do with your friend. There are stories and poems about a wonderful friend who saves his friend from a tiger. Friends go off on top secret midnight missions or do anything to keep a friend happy. Some friends play pranks while some make friends with birds. Another charming story is about the friends you have yet to make. Friendship is built out of laughter, pranks, secrets, dreams, plots, loyalty and fights. Enjoy the many moods of friendship and have a lot of fun.
Friends Forever
The companion book on 50 fun things to do with a friend shows how to make cool gifts like handprint tees and remember me pillow covers. There are picnic games like human knot, and interesting new ideas like camping indoors. When you're hungry, get together with a friend and make thumbs up cookies.
These twin books are a lovely gift idea for birthdays, Friendship day, and for any day you want to enjoy and appreciate your friend.
Monideepa Sahu

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