A Chef in a soup

I put the dish down
When suddenly I saw a man.
He walked in with a gun
And we all started to run.
He started to shoot
And take his loot.
He took out another gun
And didn't let anyone run.
He made everyone bleed
While he ate his almond seed.
I crawled towards the door
Because my legs were sore.
I limped to the pool
And hid under a stool.
I waited for the sun to rise
As my hope started to rise
I hopped to the sixth floor
And got to a door.
There I found a bag
Under a rag with a tag.
To defend myself 1 took a mop
And I ran to the top.
I saw a rope
Which was my hope
I reached the ledge
And saw the ropes edge.
I climbed down to the ground
And hunkered down.
I ran away
As the sounds faded away
I was on a high
Even though there was a bullet in my thigh.

Robot Attack!

Holiday! It was the summer break and my friends and I were going to a cottage, which we rented. The gang had three of us, including me. When we reached the cottage, we went to the front desk to pick up our key. There was also  a video rental. My friends and I looked for some good movies. Just then I saw a video at the back. The caption said "watch if you dare". We all decided to watch the movie. I told my friends to go and start it while I went and got a little snack at KFC. When I came back I opened the door and saw that the movie was over. My friends were sitting on the couch       they didn't recognize me. I looked at their faces and they were all shot. Just then a robot came out of the TV and pointed its flash cannon at me. I screamed!

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