She is 'Amma' to anganwadi children

She is 'Amma' to anganwadi children


She is not just the usual anganwadi worker. She is loving ‘Amma’ (mother) to every child in the village, a guide to the parents and a para-medical professional to pregnant women during pregnancy and on delivery.

Anganwadi worker Susheelamma is a multi-tasking woman in the real sense.
Chikkapura village comes under the jurisdiction of Nosagere grama panchayat and it comprises mainly of Dalits and labourer families.

Long journey

It is in this village that Susheelamma came as anganwadi worker in 1980. Initially she began her work under a banyan tree. Now the village has a well-maintained anganwadi kendra with toilet attached. People acknowledge that it is all because of Susheelamma.

The educationally backward Chikkapura village has 380 voters and a population of 860.  Pregnant women of this village were hesitant to get TT injections and their children with DPT injections. It was Susheelamma who convinced women to take these injections by bringing in health awareness.

Turning point

Susheelamma recalls that a few days after her arrival women became bold enough to take injections and iron tablets including children. She also has an important role in educating women about family planning.

She comes walking to the village which is located 5 kms from the town. From 9 am to 1 pm she takes up pre-school education for children. Later she teaches tailoring to women on a tailoring machine donated by a benefactor. As a result many women are now self-employed. She also has a crucial role to play in bringing alcoholic men on the right path.

In 1990 she won the best anganwadi worker award. In 2007 she was elected member from Ward 18 of the town with a thumping majority.

In 2010, she served as Town Municipal President.