Rakshita forays into politics

Rakshita forays into politics

Kannada film star Rakshitha on Friday officially joined Independent MLA B Sriramulu’s party in Bangalore.

The actor said though she had been approached by national parties on previous occasions, she felt she had made the right decision by joining a regional party.

Speaking to mediapersons, she said she was drawn to the ideologies of BSR party, and after seeing the “contribution made by Sriramulu towards the welfare of the poor”, she was inspired to join his party.

She said even Sriramulu had come from a humble background and understood the pains and sufferings of the downtrodden. 

Rakshitha said there was a flipside to joining a national party. “The local leaders are forced to function as per the high command’s diktat. But in a regional party, the leaders are easily accessible. Also, the trend of people being drawn towards the regional parties is growing,” she said.

The actor said it did not really matter to her which party she represented. “If you really want to make a difference, it doesn’t matter which party you represent. I was approached by national parties, but I was not interested in politics then. Further, I was married and raising a family, and didn’t have the time to pursue a career in politics. Today, my son has grown up and I can now concentrate on contributing to society,” she said.