NRI doctor suspended for agreeing to sex-selection abortion

NRI doctor suspended for agreeing to sex-selection abortion

An Indian-origin doctor has been suspended by the British Medical Council for allegedly agreeing to perform an illegal sex-selective abortion.

Dr Raj Mohan was suspended from practising by the General Medical Council's Interim Orders Panel pending a full investigation of his actions, captured on video by undercover reporters for The Daily Telegraph.

The Council also put two others -- Dr Prabha Sivaraman and Claudine Domoney -- under investigations in connection with the case.

Sivaraman and Domoney have been told by the panel that they "must not authorise any termination of pregnancy or carry out any termination of pregnancy work, either by consultation or surgery", the Daily Telegraph reported.

The decisions come after they were filmed agreeing to abort foetuses after being clearly told that the only reason for the request was because the babies were the 'wrong' gender.

UK doctors are allowed to carry out abortions on women if they think their physical or mental health will be at risk if made to go ahead with the birth. The potential criminal penalty for flauting the law is imprisonment.