The Final Destination 4

The Final Destination 4

GORY FARE: A scene from the film The Final Destination 4.

This film is an extension of the three earlier editions of Final Destination. It begins with  Nick (Campo) having a vision, during a car racing event, about an unknown force trying to kill him and his friends.

Nick warns his friends and they get out of the disaster-bound stadium safely, but they start dying one after another under horrible circumstances.

The central theme is a desperate look at the force of death. However, instead of presenting hope in the face of death, the film succumbs to ‘death’  itself as a force always keen to pull the trigger at your life, no matter how hard you try to escape it. It gives you no chance for salvation or hope.

The Final Destination is only for a set of audience comfortable with gore scenes and it is in this area that the film meets its success. With the accidents and death scenes as bloody as it can be, fans can sit back in absolute silence.

However, there are no new elements in director David R Ellis’ characters for the viewers to associate themselves with the grim situations.

As such, brutal deaths evoke no emotions. Besides the dry script, the actors are also a complete waste. The Final Destination also lacks dramatic scenes to make you jump out of your seat, forget about developing goose bumps.

The film is a desperate experiment with a desperately extended franchise. Bloody and violent death scenes with no sense of human attachments simply leaves you colder.