Truth is out, finally!

Truth is out, finally!

Stand vindicated

It’s official. Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy has signed her first Kannada film, Varadhanayaka, opposite Sudeep.


In fact, Metrolife was the first to break the story saying that Sameera Reddy is all set to enter the Kannada film industry, while a section of the press went about the town saying it was impossible.

Now that producer Shankargowda and lead actor Sudeep have confirmed that Sameera Reddy is on board their next venture, those claiming the contrary need to realise that Sameera always wanted to debut in Sandalwood and was waiting for the right opportunity!

Shankargowda and Sudeep said that Sameera’s presence will add a lot of weightage to the film. Shankargowda, however, said that he was always keen on getting Sameera in. In fact, Shankargowda can’t stop raving about the ‘Sudeep-Sameera’ combination. “Sudeep plays a cop in the film and Sameera plays the role of his wife.

She has a very mature face and we thought she would be perfect for this role. We approached her a couple of months back and she was quite keen after she heard the script and we knew that she would be acting in the film,” Shankargowda confirms.

He further says, “Sameera’s mother is a Kannadiga and when we approached Sameera, her mother said that she always wanted Sameera to do a Kannada film but they were not approached by the right people and that the right script hadn’t come along,” he adds.

The movie is being made at an estimated cost of Rs eight crore.

After Kempegowda, Sudeep is going for a complete makeover in Varadhanayaka. “I am wearing make-up and have gone in for a complete makeover after a good five and a half months. My concentration and commitment were needed for the CCL and now I am back with a new look,” Sudeep says.

Talking about his role in Varadhanayaka, directed by Ayyappa P Sharma, Sudeep says that there’s a family edge to the whole drama. “The character I play has two sides to him. One, where he’s a complete family man and professionally as a cop, he doesn’t go by the book and does his own thing. He earns the wrath of a lot of people. It’s a very strong character,” reasons Sudeep.  
Talking about his co-star Sameera Reddy, Sudeep observes, “It’s not the glamourous Sameera one will get to see; this is a performance-oriented role and her height and personality are an advantage. She matches my height.”

Sudeep is looking forward to the release of bilingual project Eega in Tamil and
Telugu in April. This big-budget film has Sudeep in the lead. “It’s a very different script. The story is about me and a housefly that wants to kill me. It’s a tussle between me and the housefly,” he sums up.

Despite repeated efforts, Sameera was unavailable for comments.

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