Roads crying for attention in Puttur

Roads crying for attention in Puttur

When Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda was Puttur MLA, the work on two main roads were taken up. However, the roads continue to remain same as it was 12 years ago.

The condition of Bangaradka-Piligunda road in Puttur taluk.The promise of developing the road had remained only on paper. In reality the road is in deplorable condition.

Olathadka-Sampya connecting road was supposed to be developed 12 years ago. The road could not be developed owing to a case related to land pending in the court.

Sadananda Gowda had promised that the road would be developed soon after the case is disposed in the court. The case was before the court for last 10 years. However, last year few panchayat elected representatives decided to go for out of court settlement and settled the case by paying compensation to the land owners. As per the agreement, the panchayat had promised to pay compensation for the land owners for parting their land for the road. However, locals allege that the elected represenatives have failed in handing over a decent compensation for those who lost land.

There was a need for a minor bridge at Marakka road. Though MLA Mallika Prasad had promised to sanction Rs 2 lakh for the purpose last year, it has not been fulfilled so far.

Owing to the negligence attitude of the elected representatives and officials, the connecting road Olathadka-Sampya is still a dream. As a result, those who travel from Bulerikatte-Olathadka have to travel additional six kilometres to reach Sullia.

The story of Bangaradka-Piligunda is no different. The work on the road was started when Chief Minister was Puttur MLA. Two stretches of this road was developed under Gram Sadak yojana eight years ago. However, the remaining 1.5 km road has not seen any development. The work on a bridge to provide connectivity to Balnadu has also not been started.

The locals had appealed to the former district-in-charge minister to take up the work on these roads last year. The Minister in turn had asked the Panchayat Raj Engineering division officials to prepare a report and submit the same to the government.

Accordingly, the officials had submitted an action plan of Rs 90 lakh for the development of roads and a minor bridge last year. However, the development of roads have still remained a mirage. Now, the residents of the region are looking upto to the CM to sanction funds for these roads in the upcoming budget.