The need to save every drop

The need to save every drop

Water Day

An exhibition and movie screening were organised to create awareness.

Looking: on A visitor at the exhibition.

Irish author and statesman Edmund Burke described water as ‘insipid, inodorous, colourless and smooth’, yet each drop is so very precious.

To spread the importance of water, the basic necessity of every human being, Goethe-Institut celebrated ‘World Water Day’ by organising an exhibition
and a film screening, both related to the conservation of water.

The exhibition dealt with the wells in Bangalore and in the country.
For participating in the exhibition, people were told to send photos of wells that they had clicked.

Thus, the exhibition had collections of different drying wells in India and in the
City. Different themes such as ‘The life of an open well’, ‘The process of divining for water’, ‘Well diggers and their wells’, ‘A day in the life of a well’, ‘The drying or pollution of a well, ‘Different kinds of pulleys to lift water’, ‘The drudgery of lifting
water from a well’, ‘Ecology of an open well’, ‘The process of digging an open well’ were captured and exhibited.|

Around 100 photographers participated in the exhibition. The photos offered an insight into the issue of ground water. Even though they were not clicked by professionals, the message of conserving water was easily conveyed  to the visitors.

Each photo had its own story but all photos had the same ending — conserve water — be it groundwater or any other source of water.

The youngest participant in the exhibition was a third grader who clicked the picture of a well which he maintains everyday.

The exhibition will continue till March 31.

Also, a short pendulum discussion with people, who have been working on improving water conditions in and around the City, offered a broader view on the issue of Cauvery water.

The evening witnessed the screening of the German film, ‘Über Wasser’ (About Water), which portrayed the problems related to water in South Asia.