Matching step by step

Matching step by step

Dance is their passion and in fact these gals feel that desire for dancing is infused in every cell of their blood.

“Shetty Sisters” as these twins are generally known as, Advithi and Ashvithi are naturally born dancers from Mangalore, pursuing their MBA in Manipal Institute of Management.

Advithi and Ashvithi have come up on their own as dancers as till recently they had no training for dancing. Every step they put for the music is choreographed by themselves. Let it be Western, semi Western, classical or semi classical, these twins have expertise in every form of dance performances. 

They synchronise their steps to match up the tunes of all sorts of dance performances.

Ashvithi tells “it was the fear of dad’s reaction made us to silently suppress our thirst for dancing. However, we would perform in schools and college functions. But dad never supported us as initially he was against us concentrating on dance and ignoring our studies”.

Advithi adds: “We never dared to go before him asking for training. We were natural dancers.

Dancing naturally came within us. We never looked at others for ideas. Indeed, we planned ourselves for the dance sequences and we performed. Although mom supported us in our endeavors, she did not come out openly,” she tells.

Ashvithi and Advithi worked hard to get into this level that has brought them innumerous name and fame. Advithi says that they both had moral support from their friend, whom they consider as sister. Savitha who stays at Ashvithi’s and Advithi’s grand parents home encouraged the sisters whenever they looked back.

In fact, they had to lie to their father many times before giving performances as they felt that they would face opposition from him. Slowly but surely the scenario changed with their entry into reality show organised by Zee Kannada television channel. They entered the top-20 and top-18 rounds before getting eliminated. But they were called back on white card, from where they never had to look back. “After all it was a reality show.

We were satisfied with our performance. More interestingly, we started getting positive response from dad, who supported us,” informed Ashvithi. “It is only after the reality show we were recognised wherever we would go. We also joined “Ocean Kids” dance class in Mangalore for some time and gave group performances. Here we performed mythological dance sequences,” she adds.  

Ashvithi and Advithi have participated in programmes like “ETV Super” and also in programmes like “Pete mandi kadige bandru” and “Pete hudugiru halli life,” both in Suvarna channel. They have also given solo and duet performances in Singapore and Bahrain. Most outstanding and memorable performance of the sisters is “mirror act” during zonal-level competitions of “Colors of youth” programme organised by TVS Suzuki for B-schools across the country. Former Miss World Diana Hayden was the judge at the audition level. “It was toughest among tough competitions. However, it was truly mesmerizing,” say the twins.

Briefing their plans of future, Ashvithi and Advithi tell they want to work on charity programmes besides giving performances in corporate shows. They also want to set up a dance school. “Dance has changed our life entirely. It has become our life. We have crossed many barriers and now we are strong and confident enough to fight all obstacles that come our way. It is hard work, determination and dedication that pay”. Twins also do not forget to thank almighty for what they are today.