Roles offered to women my age are limited: Supriya Pilgaonkar

Roles offered to women my age are limited: Supriya Pilgaonkar

"The problem with my age is that the roles that are offered to me are very typical and limited. So within that limit, I have to look for something special and interesting,” Supriya said.

"If I have to do a mother's role, I want that it should not be just standing in one line. It should have some substance,” she added. The Marathi actress, who is married to actor-director Sachin Pilgaonkar, has been earlier seen in serials like “Tu Tu Main Main” and “Kadvee Khattee Meethi”. Supriya has also done films like “Awara Paagal Deewana” and “Aetbaar”.

The 52-year-old will now be seen in NDTV Imagine's new show “Basera”. Talking about the show, she said: “Why I chose this show was because the content of the show was different and not very typical. For me, that is very important. It's an emotional drama with a subtle message. However, its not preachy.”

“Basera” traces the journey of four friends, who have dedicated their lives nurturing their children and in turn putting their own desires on hold. But their lives take a turbulent turn because the priorities of their children lie elsewhere. Throwing light on why she limited herself to just a few shows, the actress said that she needed time to do other things in her life too.

“I did fewer shows because then I have time to do other things as well, like theatre. Also, earlier my daughter was small so I had to give time to my family as well. Even now I do very few shows so that I have time to pursue my other hobbies," she said.

And why just a few films?
"I haven't done many films because whatever till now has come up has been very  trivial. I don't want to take up any role just because it's on the big screen. If something interesting comes up, I'll take it up,” said Supriya, who will be seen in a guest appearance in director Nikhil Advani's next project.