A look at icy treats

A look at icy treats

Chilled Delights

Bored of plain and simple scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream? Don’t lose heart as Metrolife comes to your rescue. Its summer time and every ice cream lover in Delhi is on the prowl to hunt for new flavours.

When it comes to ice cream, the age-old ice cream parlour ‘Giani’s’ comes to mind. Even though they are known for their evergreen rabri faluda, the parlour has introduced new flavours this summer: Blueberry Blast, Kuch Nai Sundae, Pulp Addiction, Royal Faluda, Cafe Mocha, Pineapple Sundae and Rainbow Cassatta. These mouth-watering flavours are a result of the balance of constant innovation and old flavours. For those who are wondering what the Kuch Nai Sundae is, Gurpreet Singh, the CEO of ‘Giani’s’, says, “Whenever somebody enters our outlet with a guest or friend and asks what he would like to have, the common answer is kuch nahi. This prompted us to introduce a sundae by this name.”

He goes on to explain this innovative creation. “Contrary to the name, the sundae has almost every topping that is available in our parlour. It is prepared with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, brownies, mango pulp and cherries to name a few toppings.” Apart from this, ‘Pulp Addiction’ has the capacity to become an instant hit this summer as it has the refreshing flavours of orange and strawberry jelly over vanilla and tutti-fruity ice cream. This is topped with small basil seeds and cherries to complete the look. Even rabri faluda is given a twist — with a drop of added rose flavour, it is called Royal Faluda.

There is more in terms of innovation, with ‘Route 04’ offering fig and apricot ice cream sundae.  This homemade ice cream is prepared with poached figs and dried apricots that are blended into a vanilla ice cream base to form the rich delectable wonder. Figs are not only tasty but also rich in fibre and contain many antioxidants. One must admit, it is an intelligent combination! One can also try Cheesy Blueberry Ice Cream at this restaurant, which is located in Connaught Place. The dessert is a combination of mascarpone cheese, blueberry filling and vanilla ice cream that come together to form a light and fruity treat.

Without the heavy cream and with a pleasant thickness, mascarpone enhances the flavour of the ice cream without making it too sweet.

For those who prefer a cup of gelato, there are numerous options available at Gelato Italiano such as Tangy Orange. A scoop of this orange-flavoured gelato is a wonderful way to face the blistering summer heat. The eatery also plans to introduce a flavour called Magic Mango for ice cream lovers next month. K S Narayanan, from Gelato Italiano, informs, “The new mango-based gelato will be a unique recipe made with alphonso mangoes and will be a perfect treat this summer.”

Savour all these mouth-watering and sinful delights and beat the heat this summer.

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