Amartya's daughter walks the ramp

Amartya's daughter walks the ramp


Nandana Sen exhibits the creation of 'Weaves' at the Kolkata Fashion Week II on Friday. PTI

Palchoudhri—who is famous for her intricate designs and varieties on a wide range of tangail, baluchari and dhakai sarees made by the craftsmen of Bengal—has a special penchant for natural fibres. “I use all natural fibres woven by the weavers of Bengal,” Palchoudhuri told reporters after the show.

Deb Sen, clad in a typical Palchoudhuri creation, was the show-stopper, her red-bordered white sari and traditional jewellery adding to the flavour of the design.
According to Deb Sen, her decor gave her the flavour of the upcoming Durga Puja season. “I also have a special affinity for saris," she said adding that Palchoudhuri’s collections comprised a special texture. Supermodel Nayonika Chatterjee also graced the show. Palchoudhuri used colours like blue, green, red and black for the saris while a few were white-based with red and green borders.

One of the lines consisted of silhouettes which were equally varied and portrayed the hugely skilled craftsmanship and the designer’s repertoire in brightly contrasted shades.