They like to decide for themselves!

They like to decide for themselves!

The interests of a student are always evolving. Earlier, it was parents who decided a child’s career. But now, after passing out of school, students take career-related decisions on their own.

focussed Students have begun to opt for offbeat courses. Even the likes and dislikes of college students keep changing. While ten years ago, students used to focus on either becoming an engineer or a doctor, now they are opting for different fields like business and media. Metrolife takes a look at the changing interests of the current generation.

Nowadays, most students take crucial decisions regarding their education and career on their own, which was not the case a few years back. Professor M Ramaiah, the director of postgraduate studies at NMKRV College for Women, feels that education-wise, students mostly get influenced by their friends’ decisions. “Ninety per cent of the students do not consider their parents’ word when it comes to their education and career. They easily get influenced by their friends,” he says.

He adds, “Another thing that I have noticed is that instead of opting for a college on the basis of its faculty, students now look out for a college with good infrastructure and crowd.”

Many students are also opting for offbeat fields, which were not pursued before. Shesha Prasad, a professor of BNMIT College, says technology is also responsible for changing a student’s life. Students now use their mobile phones constantly which consumes half of their time. He notes that these days, parents want their children to take part in extracurricular activities as well. “Earlier, if students wanted to go for an extracurricular activity, their parents would restrict them saying that it will be a hindrance to their studies. Now with all the singing and dancing shows coming up, parents encourage their children to take part and excel in such activities,” he remarks. Shesha also feels that these days, students are more dynamic and ambitious.

But few students say that they still follow their parents’ advice. Darshithmitha Gowda, a student of Mount Carmel College, says, “Even now there are people who follow their parent’s decision. But nowadays, students don’t give much preference to attendance.
They come to college to hang out with friends. However, they enjoy as well as study.”

Akriti Prasad, a fourth-year student of telecommunication, says that over time, students have begun taking independent decisions regarding career and education.

“My sister, who is six years older than me, wanted to pursue fashion design. But my parents were adamant about her pursuing medical or engineering. However, they allowed me to pursue what I want. Thus, things have changed slowly,” she says.

Nicole Padival, a second-year PU student, feels that earlier, they had to take their parents’ permission before going out. “Now we just inform our parents and leave before going anywhere. Even when it comes to studies, our parents are more relaxed,” she says.

The present generation seems to be highly independent. Be it studies or enjoyment, these youngsters surely know what is good or bad for them.

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