A bridge to a foreign college

A bridge to a foreign college

A bridge to a foreign college

There are many students who wish to pursue their postgraduate studies abroad, but the process of applying to a foreign university is anything but easy.

Students face a lot of doubts along the way, such as the best colleges to apply to, the courses to take up, the manner in which to approach their admission application and the possibility of financial aid.    To help out their students, the ISE department of
HKBK College of Engineering recently organised a workshop. Attended by Jacqui McCary, the principal lecturer at a university in England, the workshop saw a large participation from the students of the department.

Representatives from a consultancy firm, which aid students in applying to foreign universities, were also present.  Jacqui McCary touched on a lot of interesting subjects, which the students found rather useful.

She introduced them to campus life in the UK during the brief session. She spoke to them about the best colleges abroad and what to keep in mind while applying for a particular course.   She also deconstructed the complicated process of financial aid, explaining  to them the possibilities of  applying for loans and scholarships.

In addition to this, she spoke briefly on the job possibilities that students can look forward to abroad, after completing their course at a foreign university.

Anne Sharon Jacob, an eighth-semester ISE student who attended the talk, said that she found it rather informative.  “The course I’m looking to pursue abroad costs around 10,000 dollars and during the talk, I was informed about how Indian students can actually pay a fee of only 8,000. The session was a very interactive one and the representatives from the consultancy firm also spoke to us about the new GRE format, and how to best approach the questions,” she said.

Hajeera Begum, another student who was part of the discussion, said, “Jacqui McCary also spoke about the changes that have been made at foreign universities to
give the best education to students. She showed us some clips of college infrastructure. I learnt a lot from the session, because I also received tips on attempting the GRE, including on which questions to attempt and how to build my vocabulary,” she said.