It's not child's play anymore

It's not child's play anymore

The gaming industry is growing rapidly in the country and avid gamers in the City feel that it is one of the brightest careers options available.

The gaming industry is luring many youngsters.

Gaming is not just a recreational activity today, it has become a full-fledged
industry and a new game is being churned out everyday to meet the demands of gamers across the globe.

“I think the gaming industry has a huge scope. Gaming is not just a past time. It has become a source of income for many I know. There are international gaming championships which are held around the world. The prize money is excellent and gamers can make a good sum if they win a few of them,” says Aditya Punjani, a gamer.

He adds that gaming tournaments have become quite popular now and most college fests have a round dedicated to gaming, where gamers compete in games like ‘Need for Speed’, ‘FIFA’, ‘Counterstrike’ etc.

 “The response is huge and it is not just college students who take part in these competitions but professional gamers too. The prize money is good and if a professional wins four or five of such competitions in a month, he can earn pretty well,” he informs.
Gamers who are good are often recruited by gaming companies to develop new games.
“I have got a few offers from gaming companies and I am contemplating on applying after my course ends. It is not an ideal job as one has to be up to date with the latest technology to develop new games. I have a background of computer engineering and this will definitely help me if I get into the gaming industry,” said Chintan, an engineering student.

Professional gamers often form a team and take part in competitions with their teams.
These teams enter their names in different gaming tournaments across the country till they are noticed by a company and hired.

“Professional gaming teams master the art of gaming, they become so thorough with the games and tactics that sometimes they develop their own games. The introduction of games in college fests have become very common and sometimes, students who are interested in gaming are recruited by the companies,” said Sunil Bhardwaj, a student.

Professional gamers however feel that there is less scope in the City as far as gaming is concerned and besides a handful of gaming fests, there is nothing much happening.
“There are very few of us who get noticed by big gaming companies. Most of us have back-up like animation or engineering. Most of these competitions are held by colleges, we wish there were few more gaming competitions,” concluded Reishav, a professional gamer.

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