Glamour on field

Glamour on field

Ramya has begun a new innings, and on a new court as well. But as always, it is game-set-match for this Sandalwood top gun.

Roped in by the Karnataka State Ladies Tennis Association to add some glamour to the interactive session during the QuestNet ITF Women’s Open, Ramya played her part rather well. She did entertain the crowd but it was an entertainment of a different sort. More intellectual in form and content.

She came well prepared with a couple of questions on tennis. “Who founded tennis?” “Who is the fastest player?” Those who managed to get the answers right were given some interesting stuff. Ramya strayed out for a photograph session with the girls and obliged to shake hands and pose with them and with whoever came asking.
The players, especially the foreigners, were thoroughly fascinated by the South Indian actress and some of them were heard saying that they had never seen an actress before and that she looked gorgeous. “She’s like one of us. Ordinary, with no airs and indeed friendly,” said one of the players.

Metrolife interacted with a few players to gauge their experiences of the tournament and their stay in Bangalore. Sanna from Delhi says though she loves the weather of the City, a few matches had to be put off because of the uninterrupted rain. However she adds that she’d love to hop into the City sometime for a holiday. Top tennis player Poojashri Venkatesh says she has been able to interact with a cross-section of players from across the country. “We have a good rapport on and off the tennis court. The exposure one gets at these tournaments is excellent. You also get to widen your circle of friends,” says Pooja.

It was indeed a new experience for those from outside the country. While Anastasia Malhotra from Germany says she had a good time, she did encounter some terrible experiences. “My rackets were totally smashed during the check-in at the airport. I had to manage with a racket that I was not used to and even that played up a bit. But no hard feelings, it’s been great all through,” concludes Anastasia.