Inner transformation

Inner transformation

Mother Meera’s Ashram in Madanapalle houses a school called the Mother Meera Ashram Vidyalaya English Medium School.

This was built by her own hands with the assistance of devotees. It was inaugurated on June 7, 2010. When in India, she stays in her Ashram and receives devotees.

Her visage radiates unbounded love and compassion. Her counsel is precise, direct and to the point. She works in silence.

Holding the devotee’s head with both hands, she looks into the eyes of the devotee and cleanses the seeker from inside. Individual experiences recorded by her devotees are available in her ashram and the stories are invariably touching, revelatory and heartfelt.

Mother Meera advises her devotees to follow in God’s footsteps by following not your individual will but the will of the Divine.

The former is an urge stemming from the ego and is bound to lead to pain and sorrow but the latter comes from Divine Grace and will not cause difficulty.

In line with the teachings of other Mahatmas and incarnations, Mother attaches great importance to love. According her, like Bliss and Wisdom, Love is one of the aspects of the Paramatman. Love is everywhere and exists in everything.

It is selfless. Love gives and asks or nothing like a tree gives fruits and expects nothing from us. Love is a powerful and dynamic energy.

Similarly, Mother attaches equal importance to eliminating anger.

She was once asked if there was anything in the world that gives happiness rather than sorrow when we lose it, she replied: If you lose your anger.

When she looks into people’s eyes, Mother says that she gets a glimpse of the difficulties and obstacles in their spiritual practice and sets them right.

Spiritual seekers need to be vigilant and cautious as they can experience a fall in their sadhana: One day you might even fall from your sadhana. This is a great crisis, which can, however, be prevented.

In the front of the body are two red lines starting from the toes, growing gradually upwards on either side of the legs and tending to meet at the base of the spine where the white lines become a single one.

The growth of both the red and white lines will she says, prevent reverses in spiritual life.
Encounters include pranam (prostration) and to secure Mother Meera’s darshan (audience).

The former is inner healing, while the latter works on the outer: My teaching is to give only the essence, the Divine, that which is necessary. I give exactly what is needed by each person.

The Paramatman is silent. God is silent. Everything comes out of silence. In silence more work can be done. The true experience of bliss is without words.

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