A glimpse of rare clips

A glimpse of rare clips

Relocations: Movie buffs in the City were recently treated to rare Hollywood classics

A special screening of 16-mm films, called ‘Relocations’ by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, was held at Goethe Insitut recently. The film was appreciated by the audience.

‘Relocations’ was a compilation of some of the most beautiful and finest 16-mm movies. It was an opportunity for the young lot to witness rare and classic Hollywood movies. This screening, undoubtedly, attracted audience members from all parts of the City.

The first clipping, Por Primera Vez (For the First Time), was a nine-minute documentary, directed by Octavio Cortazar.  The director and his troupe go to a secluded Cuban village in the mountains, where the people have never seen a motion picture. They show them ‘Modern Times’, a 1936 Charlie Chaplin movie.
The fun and excitement of the people as they watch the movie is nicely captured in ‘Por Primera Vez’.

It was followed by another movie, ‘Her Mona’, directed by Klaus Telschar, which was seven minutes long.

The audience seemed engrossed in ‘Relocations’ and applauded each movie. What grabbed everyone’s attention was ‘Home Stories’, directed by Matthais Mueller.

It compiled various scenes from 1940s and 1950s Hollywood melodramas in a beautiful manner. It seamlessly captured real emotions such as fear and anxiety and left the audience in suspense.

Another intriguing clipping was from German director Adolf Winkelmann’s movie Die Abfahrer (The Downhill).

It showed the director holding the camera backwards and shooting himself while walking down the streets of Ruhr in Germany.

The crowd on the streets is left astonished with Adolf’s stunt with camera on the road. At the end of the clip, he’s shown eating hamburger and smiling. The audience indeed had fun watching these rare movies.  Other movies which were screened included ‘La souriante Madame Beudet’, a story about a woman trapped in a loveless marriage.

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