Repair of road causes hurdles for drivers

Repair of road causes hurdles for drivers

Temporary facility provided by PWD creates more problems than convenience

Repair of road causes hurdles for drivers

The temporary road constructed near Kammasandra is proving more of a bane than a boon to the vehicle-users.

The PWD started reconstruction of the bridge near the school belonging to the Kammasandra temple 15 days ago. A temporary track, by the side of the road, was provided for the convenience of road users.

Colour coat

The track was covered in red soil, which has proven the greatest problem for the users. When there is no rain, the air turns dusty and even the
vehicles get a dirty red coat.

In contrast, if there is round of shower, the track becomes all slushy, making it practically impossible for vehicle-users- of any kind- to travel on it.

Heavy vehicles like buses and lorries too struggle to drive on the road. Users of smaller vehicles, especially two-wheelers, often fear the vehicles drowning in the river of mud. Pillion riders often fear for their lives, complain vehicle-users.

Riders struggling to pull out tyres that have sunk into the mud is common sight on the road.


The road connects the region to Andhra Pradesh as well as Tamil Nadu, which is a reason for the constant increase in the rush of traffic.

The citizens, therefore, have requested authorities to repair the road at the earliest.