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Last Updated 07 June 2012, 13:50 IST

Saw something you liked? Click a picture and upload it on Instagram, the latest means of communication in the virtual world.

It is basically a free photo sharing application that allows users to click a photo, apply a digital filter to it and then share it with their followers.

Apart from Instagram itself, one can even upload their pictures on to a
variety of social networking services, including Facebook and Twitter.

Though it was established in 2010, Instagram has started becoming popular among a number of Bangaloreans these days.

Many of them have it on their Android phones and use it to showcase every aspect of life in their own unique ways. Metrolife speaks to some of them to find out what it is about Instagram that has caught their fancy.

Nishali Chand, who works in an investment bank, has been using Instagram for two months now and she just loves it. “I use it on my tablet and find it more colourful, interesting and different than sites like Facebook and Twitter,” she exclaims. Having around 100 followers, she says, “I enjoy following all my friends.” She also likes the filters, which basically are the options one gets to enhance his or her pictures before uploading them.

Instagram has its own share of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift uploading some rare pictures of theirs.

Then there are some who find the application useful due to the nature of their jobs. One such person is Neeti Gokhalay, a principal designer at Styletag, an e-commerce site which deals with fashion.

“I like following a number of stylists and luxury brands like Burberry due to the nature of my job,” she says.

“The best part is that you can click a decent picture and pass it off as an awesome one due to the filters. Yes it’s like cheating in a way but it’s harmless,” she laughs.
Pointing at the e-commerce aspect of Instagram, Neeti says, “Now you can even get a cushion cover or iPhone case with your Instagram photos on it.” 

According to Rohit Mascarenhas, an engineer, “It’s a great way to share your photos with friends. It’s easy to use and allows you to post on multiple websites. Besides, pictures always paint a better story than words. So it’s an amazing way to tell your story to the world.” However, he points out certain disadvantages of Instagram at the same time.

“It actually downplays the hard work, creativity, technical skills and talent that are needed for good photography. But having said that, most Instagram haters are actually photography enthusiasts. So it could be a biased elitist view. Good photography is so much more than filters.

While it’s not a fault of Instagram, this is definitely a side-effect,” he adds. So if you want to bring out the hidden photographer in you, you know what to do! 

(Published 07 June 2012, 13:50 IST)

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