'Think before you vote'

Analyse political developments in State, says B L Shankar

The concious voters should have to seriously make a thought on whether to vote for the BJP candidates in the Legislative Council election for the teachers’ and the graduates’ constituency as the party has weakened the Lokayukta system, said KPCC Vice-President and former Speaker B L Shankar.

Speaking to media persons on Thursday, he said that these constituencies consist of matured and concious voters. The voters will have to analyse the political developments in the State and understand the way in which the BJP has dishonoured the State, before casting the votes. “The posts of Lokayukta and Upa Lokayukta in the State have remained vacant for long time now. The government has no interest to fill these posts. The government has restricted Lokayukta system only to issue B reports to the BJP’s ministers and MLAs who are accused in one or the other cases. Chances are bleak of the State government appointing a Lokayukta till the BJP is in power,” he criticised.

Criticising the BJP national leaders for not stopping former CM Yeddyurappa and BJP State President Eshwarappa from making false allegations on former Lokayukta Justice Santhosh Hegde, he said that there was a time when Advani himself convinced Santhosh Hegde from stepping down from the Lokayukta post. Hegde had continued in the post due to the request from Advani and now on the contrary Advani’s party leaders themselves are passing comments on the former Lokayukta.

The BJP leaders have created such an atmosphere that none of the former judges would dare to become Lokayukta and work fearlessly in the State, said Shankar.
There are lot of similarities between the statement made by former MLA M D Lakshminarayana and BJP State President K S Eshwarappa who both have spoken of money exchange while forming the State. It is the time for the voters to think before voting for a party that has converted politics to trade, insisted the former Speaker.
Asking the voters to vote for the Congress, he said the BJP has enough strength at the Upper House.

Now the voters will have to elect the Congress candidates in all the four posts and ensure that the Congress too is strengthened. D H Shankaramurthy who has been a part of the Council for long time now, needs to take rest. And Captain Ganesh Karnik who holds the responsibility of the NRIs too is over burdened with work, hence he should not be made victorious in the Council election,” said Shankar.

No threat

Speaking about the differences of opinion that existed in the Congress while selecting the party candidates for the Council election, he said the problem has been settled and it would not lead to the suspension of the KPCC President, opposition party leader in the Assembly or any other Congress leader in the State. The party high command will solve the problem in a certain way, he informed.

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