'Mr Big' to rock City

'Mr Big' to rock City

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The members of Mr Big.

The band comprises top notch members, legendary bassist Billy Sheehan, Eric Martin on vocals, Pat Torpey on drums and guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert.

The band is revered by their fans and critiques for their exceptional compositions which include melodies, guitar shredding and choruses. Exciting assortments of heavy metal, ballads, blues-rock that cater to a wide range of audience have resulted in singles, which topped charts for weeks on end across countries and continents. Some of the band’s biggest hits include To Be With You and Just Take My Heart from their album Lean Into It. Follow up cover Wild World, which also made it very big on the charts.

As the lights go down and the intro tape begins to roll at Mr Big’s concert, one will be witnessing a small piece of rock music history. Their music is seen by many as the perfect combination of fiery instrumental virtuosity tempered with accessible melodies and grooves.
Mr Big succeeded where many before and since have failed. They are a band that musicians and non-musicians are equally impressed by.