Water body on Gopinatha Betta cries for attention

Water body on Gopinatha Betta cries for attention

Water body on Gopinatha Betta cries for attention

The pond on Gopinatha Betta, the only water resource in this region, has gone dry due to insufficient rainfall. if the dry spell continues, the pond faces the danger of vanishing.

Currently, the pond, which contains under an inch of water, is choked by thick vegetation and has become infested by insects and pests.

Originally fed by a spring, locals took the drastic step of building a collecting wall on the far side of the pond to maximise water levels when it became clear that the water source was drying up.


Despite the measures, the pond has gone dry, locals complained. The loss of the waters could push the pond to the verge of extinction, Murthy, a resident of Kuppahalli, said.

According to locals, the pool used to brim with water in previous years. Pond water was used by livestock and enjoyed by local villagers.

Devotees visiting the nearby Lakshmi-Narasimha Temple also used it to cleanse hands and feet before prayers. Although the water has gone dry, the temple continues to be visited by hundreds.

As a Dasoha is held everyday, the temple practise of storing water to accompany meals has become difficult. Replenishment by external water shipments is not possible as Gopinath Betta lacks a proper roads.

Many hope that the coming monsoon will change matters. But some villagers would like for the pond to be fixed up before then.

According to Murthy, the pond needs to be cleaned. “It should be spruced up and made fit to take a maximum of rainfall,” he said. “Only then can it be rejuvenated.”