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No permanent solution for sea erosion?

Yet another monsoon has come and the sea erosion has started in Ullal, Sasihitlu, Hosabettu, Surathkal and also in Udupi district.

So far loads of boulders and sandbags are put on the seashores to prevent erosion but of no use. Every year when the sea erosion takes place the elected representatives, ministers and even CM and other officers visit the areas and promise to do everything possible. But as soon as they return, they forget every thing.

Vasanth Salian, the then Port and Fisheries minister had undertaken a tour to France to study the technology to prevent sea erosion in 2002 and he had announced construction of a sea wall at Ullal.

But the project never came up. Crores of rupees have been wasted on dumping boulders and sandbags, which is nothing but tax payers’ money, and the sea has engulfed everything. A few crores have been swallowed by those who involved in this so called great project.

In 2010, the then District in-Charge minister Krishna Palemar announced that sea-walls in the erosion prone area of the coastal districts will be constructed with the Asian Development Bank loan and the work would start in November 2010. Now everything seems to be in doldrums.

Palemar is no more a minister and construction of sea-wall along the coastal region would become a nightmare to those who live along the coastal region’s sea erosion zones. It is high time that the government and other authorities draw some concrete plans instead of giving false promises and hopes to the people who are suffering.

J F D’Souza,        Attavar

Why         subsidised LPG to rich?

LPG is an essential commodity to each and everyone. But nowadays, LPG is in daily news for various reasons. The government is supplying LPG on subsidised rate through its dealers. The commercial gas is also available in the market at its actual rate. There is a vast difference in the rate of these two cylinders. The rich industrialists, celebrities, politicians, who are enjoying luxurious life, are also getting LPG on subsidised rates. Subsidy is for those who face financial difficulties. The government should stop supplying gas at subsidized rate for rich people.

K P A Rahim,        Jeppu

Revamp M’lore city’s bus service

In the backdrop of various problems faced by the people due to the buses that ply in the city limits, here is a list of requests I would like to place before the city bus operators and Regional Transport Authority.

Ban horns in places like hospitals, schools and colleges between 9 pm and 6 am. The offenders should be penalised heavily.

Revise timings of city buses, so that they need not overspeed to reach their destination. The bus operators should come together and discuss the issue. There are private city bus services in Kochi, Coimbatore, Madhurai and nowhere this type of mad rush and rash driving is seen.

Thirdly, the drivers of private city bus services should know how to respect other vehicles on the road and should not try to terrorise them by overtaking unnecessarily as though roads belong only to them. They must give due care to the pedestrians.

The conductors create too much of noise with their whistles at each bus stop and ask the passengers to hurry up their alighting and boarding from/to the buses. This type of behaviour is seen in DK and Udupi districts only and not anywhere else. Passengers are terrified unnecessarily.

There are many areas in Mangalore city like Kudroli, Sultan Battery, Kottara Cross, Tannirbavi, Bengre, Attavar which are not serviced by city buses adequately and connected to other areas of the city. Some routes are serviced by only one bus even now (for example 16B, 16 C). There should be minimum of two buses on each route. There is same number for different routes (for example 13A from Kottara to State Bank, and 13A from Kunjathbail to Surathkal) which is confusing.

Another suggestion is that the route numbers should be changed and revised. At present there are no route numbers like 28, 34, 35, 36, 49, 50 etc.

Again there is no necessity for subdivisions like 15K, 45H, K etc.One to 30 may be allotted to State Bank, 31 to 50 to Urwa, Kottara, 51 to 60 to Surathkal side, 61 to 70 to Bondel, Kunjathbail side, 71 to 90 to Bajpe side etc., so that people can easily identify the route.

There should be separate terminus for Mangalore Central and Junction railway stations, Mangalore Airport, and buses should start from here to other areas. This is to help the railway and air passengers.

KSRTC should start the city services as early as possible. There was a news about its starting by April end. June month is already passing and yet no initiative has been taken up so far.

Sukumar Talpady,        Mangalore

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