UP police at the receiving end

It seems that men in khaki no longer invoke fear among people in Uttar Pradesh.

At least, incidents of assault on police personnel during the past few days in different parts of the state indicate this.

The role appears to have reversed and reports of cops being thrashed by people have been hogging limelight in media these days — much to the shock and dismay of senior officials.

During the past few days, policemen were assaulted and chased by people in Muzaffarnagar, Jhansi, Gorakhpr, Sultanpur and other places.

Cops had been to these areas to arrest people against whom either non-bailable warrants were issued by courts or they were wanted in connection with some criminal activities.

Even during the recent communal riot at Kosikalan in Mathura district, the helplessness of police was on display — they were chased by miscreants when they tried to disperse ruckus-creating mob.

In the state capital also, cops could be seen looking the other way, when vehicles, usually owned by the politicians, are left parked in no-parking zones.

In at least two incidents, drivers of the vehicles tried to knock down policemen after the latter signaled them to stop for checking.

At some places, Samajwadi Party workers and leaders attacked police out-posts to forcibly get their associates released from their custody.

SP workers also publicly abused cops when they tried to arrest a ruling party member.
Former senior police officials attribute this to ‘criminalisation of politics’.

“This is what will happen when history sheeters become leaders. Politicians these days publicly humiliate police personnel,” said a former director general of police.

A large number of legislators, cutting across party lines, in the new UP Assembly have criminal cases pending against them.

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