Toilet left in squalor

Toilet left in squalor

Most of the people suffer in public places because of lack of toilets. However, in Mangalapadau of Veerakambha Gram Panchayat limits, the story is quite different.

Though a toilet exists here, lack of maintenance has ruined the toilet to the extent that it is not worth using anymore. With this, most people resort to urinating on sides of the road.

The Gram Panchayat had constructed the toilet seven years ago spending about Rs five lakhs, considering the fact that Mangalapadau area was growing at a fast pace. Though a well planned toilet was constructed here, lack of maintenance has ruined the toilet building, say the local residents.

The ones coming to use the toilet return seeing the plight of the toilet and end up urinating either on the walls of the toilet or on the roadsides.

Heaps of liquor bottles, gutka sachets, waste etc are found inside the toilet. Even the commode in the toilet has been stashed with liquor bottles. The nearby hotels and shops have converted this toilet into a dumping yard as they conveniently dump the wastes either inside the building or around it.

“There are no toilets in this area. Though water connectivity has been provided to this toilet, the local governing body has not taken the pain of sending the workers to clean the toilet.

 No action has been taken in this regard despite bringing the issue to the notice of the authorities concerned,” said a senior citizen from the village adding that it is not just the dirt that has become the cause of concern but even the fact that the toilet has become breeding den for mongrels is further making the situation worse.

The local residents say that only the public toilet at Mangalapadau is in this state while the toilets in other parts of Vital are comparatively in better condition, for the simple reason that those toilets are at least cleaned on daily basis.

The locals say that some persons must be appointed by the GP to clean the toilet everyday and these cleaners must be paid by the GP itself. If this is not possible, then the toilet must be converted into pay and use toilet.

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