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Farewell Parties

As the academic year comes to an end, one can see juniors busy arranging farewell parties for the senior students.

Apart from farewell functions in colleges, the seniors also have their own separate farewell parties, which are loaded with fun.

The outgoing students say they feel ‘restricted’ at the send-off parties in colleges and prefer an in-house party.

These students fix the time and the venue for a get-together and usually hold them in the evenings.

The programme includes watching movies and  talking about the years spent in college.

For Amit Patel, an engineering student, in-house farewell parties are important because he says he gets to meet his friends from different departments and enjoy their company.

“College farewell parties are limited to a particular branch and are formal. But the separate ones are entirely different. Friends from other departments also come in and we have our kind of fun.

This includes long drives, watching movies and discussing about our future. We say goodbye to our friends in our own way by signing T-shirts and presenting them to each other,” he explains.

He says that budget might be limited in the colleges, but it is not so for in-house parties. Agreeing with Amit, Mayur Thourani, a computer science student, says that due to restrictions on food and beverages at college farewell parties, he prefers the in-house parties.

“At the separate farewell parties, we can have food of our choice. Also, students won’t be comfortable in front of their faculty and would not be able to enjoy the function properly,” he says.

Nikky Jhamtani, another student, says that farewell parties in colleges are emotional as one gets to mingle with one’s faculty for the last time
“We can celebrate farewell parties with our professors and have good time with them. These moments last forever in our minds,” she says.

She also finds in-house parties equally good.Another computer science student, Ayush Choudhary, says that given a chance, he and his friends would like to have a farewell party, without any limitations, in the college campus.

“At such farewell parties, we can enjoy the way we want to,” he says.
College farewell parties are also quite heartwarming. Sovna Chutia says, “What I like about college farewell parties is that the we get to spend time with our faculty.

And they  give us valuable advice.” But she doesn’t forget to add that in-house farewell parties are any time preferred over college farewell parties because of the unlimited fun they provide.

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