Money has completely changed the face of this village

Money has completely changed the face of this village

Money has completely changed the face of this village

Kudatini village on the National Highway 63, once housed poor farmers a few months ago, but today has many millionaires leading a lavish life compared to residents in surrounding villages.

In fact the residents are splurging away their money on luxury items and indulging in gambling.

How did this change come about? Well, the money from the sale of land for establishment of ArcelorMittal Steel Company. Unmindful of using the amount for utilitarian purpose and for future needs, most of them indulge in irrational and wasteful expenditure. The tale of residents of Kudatini is that of the many others, who have got money overnight.

The village has seen a bike-boom and is heaven for two-wheeler companies as every household has at least two bikes. The numbers maybe five or six depending on the male members. People who already had bikes have bought cars. Some have lavishly married off their daughters while others have built expensive houses.

According to the agreement between the State government and the ArcelorMittal Company at the GIM I (Global Investors Meet) held two years ago, the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board had notified 4,000 acres of land at Kudatini, Haraginadoni and Veeneveerapura villages.

As much as 1,800 acres of the land has already been acquired for the company till today. The farmers have been paid Rs eight lakh to Rs 16 lakh per acre of land depending on the condition of land.

Though there are a set of farmers who have bought new land with the money, invested in business and have even kept deposit for future, the number of people who are squandering the money are far higher.

Impact on social structure

The joint families in the village, which are considered to be basic social unit of the Indian society have disintegrated. With the coming of the money, many have broken away from the traditional system and have established nuclear families.

Also, there is no mental peace, lamented Raviprakash, a resident. Though villager leaders have advised against the mindless spending, there are few takers, he added.

Rampant gambling

Gambling as become rampant in Kudatini. For fear of police action, only a few have taken to playing cards and Matka. However, pigeon race has acquired the new dimension of gambling with people placing bets on the pigeons. Pigeon houses dot many households as hundreds are being reared for the race.

The race is organised twice a day-morning and evening. At a designated place two pigeons are left to fly and bets are placed on the birds as to which of them would reach the house first, said Narasimhaiah, another resident.

He added that a bike is bought every day irrespective of the need. Bikes have become a symbol of status with many learning to ride them after purchasing them. Many more bikes and cars are set to arrive in the village. The money from the land-sale has sadly, become an excuse for unethical indulgences, he added.

Job for land

As a job has been promised for the family members of the farmers who have given land, few seem to worry for their future and continue to squander the money, he added.

However, there are a few who have moved to court seeking higher compensation. One can only imagine what would happen if more money flows into their hands.

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