A few steps towards world peace

A few steps towards world peace


The film, which also stars created curiosity and spurred heated discussions among the audience even before the screening began.

When the images started appearing on the screen, the hall turned silent. To the surprise of some, the film didn’t  fall into the romantic genre. It was realistic to the core.
This award-winning documentary by film-maker Jeremy Gilley is all about his struggle towards global peace.

The film documents his amazing journey throughout the world and getting September 21 declared as an International Peace Day by the United Nations. The big story of the film happens in Afghanistan.

Jeremy visits the country with Peace One Day ambassador Jude Law. His concept ‘one day of global truce’ plays a pivotal role in entering inaccessible areas and providing 1.4 million children with the monovalent P3 polio vaccine.

Alisha, a member of the audience, turned admirer of Jeremy after watching the film.
 “When he had the concept approved by the UN in 2001, only 114 people were there to witness. But, after eight years, more than a 100 million people around the globe are marking the event,” she said.

“This is so inspirational. A single man took this initiative and showed us how careless we are,” she added.

‘When you experience peace, you can share peace,’ was what the audience felt
after watching the film.

Amaidhi of Peace Child India, who organised the screening, described it “as a thrilling journey of war and peace. I have never felt this serious after watching a movie. I surrender myself before what Jeremy has done for humanity,” she adds.