Drunk techie arrested for striking down pedestrian

The desperate efforts of a software engineer to escape justice after fatally striking down a pedestrian came to an end when the police arrested him early on Monday morning.

Rohan, 28, a resident of Mantri Tranquil apartment in Gubbalala in the KS Layout traffic police limits was drunk when he ran over a pedestrian, Basavaraju, 31, on Sunday while returning home, said KS Layout police.

Employed with an IT firm on MG Road, Rohan and his friend, Sahani, a businessman from Madhya Pradesh, visited the Meenakshi Mall on Bannerghatta Road on Sunday evening, in Rohan’s car, a Ford Fiesta.

They had reportedly consumed alcohol and after dinner, decided to return home at around 10:30 pm.

Under the influence of alcohol, Rohan lost control of the vehicle near Doddakallasandra on the Kanakapura Road. The vehicle struck Basavaraju, a car driver by profession and father of two, while he was returning home to Gubbalala after dinner at a nearby hotel. Basavaraju died on the spot.

Rohan and Sahani stopped the car to check the condition of Basavaraju. They moved the body to the side of the road before fleeing, police said.

However, the victim’s friend, Krishnappa, had noticed the accident and chased the duo. He saw them enter the Mantri Tranquil apartments but was unable to go any further as the security guard at the gate denied him entry. He later returned to the location of the accident.

By this time, Arjun, a passerby, had come across the body and called a ‘108’ ambulance and the police.

The hunt begins

The sleuths collected broken pieces of glass, originating from the Ford’s headlights, to identify the make of the vehicle. In addition, based on the leads given by Krishnappa, they went to the Mantri Tranquil apartments around 1.45 am. When the security guard attempted to prevent their entry again, they pushed their way through and went inside.

Inside the premises they sought to find the Ford but had a difficult time as there were nearly 2,000 cars in the parking lot.

An hour later, they noticed a vehicle attempting to sneak out through the exit gate. They stopped the car and found it to be that of the accused.

Rohan, who was driving, was arrested. It was found that he had consumed alcohol.

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