State-ranking TT from today

State-ranking TT from today

VP Charan and Prem Chander are the second and third seeds, respectively, in the Junior category. Arch-rival Sunand Vasan is the second seed while Harsha Table Tennis Academy’s Vedanth M Urs is the third seed in the sub-junior event.

SAI’s Subhashree C is the top seed in the girls’ youth category while Poojitha will lead the charge in the Junior section.

Seedings: Boys: Youth: CP Karthik (BNM) 1; MV Sandeep (BNM) 2; Vedanth M Urs (HTTA) 3. Junior: Shreyal K Telang (BNM) 1; VP Charan (SAI) 2;  Prem Chander G (Star) 3.

Sub-junior: Shreyal 1; Sunand Vasan (Hor) 2; Vedanth 3. Cadet: Sucheth P Shenoy (Hor) 1; Amogh Athani (MTTA) 2; R Samartha (Hor) 3. Mini-cadet: Sudeep G (Hor) 1; Neeraj Raj S (JTTA) 2; Daksh Telang (BNM) 3.

Girls: Youth: Subhashree C (SAI) 1; Bhavana V Murthy (JTTA) 2; Aishwarya R Bidri (JTTA) 3.
Junior: Poojitha N (Hor) 1; Subhashree 2; Bhavana 3. Sub-junior: Ridhi Rohith (PTTA) 1; Maitreyi Bailoor (BGM) 2; Madhurya M (HTTA) 3. Cadet: MV Spoorthy (HTTA) 1; N Aishwarya (Star) 2; Anjana S (Star) 3.

Mini-cadet: Medhini B (Hor) 1; Sushmitha B (BNM) 2; Kushi V (Gems) 3.