Surveillance system to track objects


Security personnel deployed for surveillance in crowded public places often face the heat whenever a ‘threat alert’ is issued in case of a hostile attack.

An abandoned bag or sack sends the alarm bells ringing, sending the personnel into a tizzy.

Keeping this in mind, students of Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE) — Ananth Joshi, Santosh Hegde, Sridhar Hegde and Ravikrishna Sharma — under the guidance of assistant professor Liyakath Unisa have developed a video surveillance software for detection of abandoned objects and motion detection.

The software is aimed to detect abandoned objects at crowded places such as bus stands and railway stations, using existing surveillance cameras deployed in such places.

Describing the project, the students pointed out that in the present case, surveillance cameras are used by police personnel to detect any suspicious movement.

The students claim that their software detects abandoned objects and also motion detection in case entry is restricted. Citing an example, they said in case of railway platforms, if an object is left for a certain period (which can be preset), the software gives an alert mentioning the position of object.

Based on the alert, personnel can investigate the issue further.
In cases such as research centres or museums, motion detection can be activated in the software.

Whenever any person makes an unauthorised entry, an alert is sent to the controller. The students mentioned that their software is easy to install and user-friendly.
The group claimed that the software can be improved to achieve more accurate and efficient results.

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